Back to School. How About You?
September 4, 2018
Could You Reinvent Yourself as an Entrepreneur in Your Next Act?
September 30, 2018

Will You Be an Entrepreneur in Your Second Act?

In this episode, Denis and Joe talk with Dorie Clark, about her latest book Entrepreneurial You. Dorie, a highly successful entrepreneur, shares her story of transitioning from journalism and  her observations on why entrepreneurship is an attractive to some people as a Second Act. She gives us her take on what it takes to succeed and practical tips on where to start. If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business after your primary career, you’ll benefit from hearing Dorie’s story, her valuable advice and wisdom.

For more on Dorie Clark:

Dorie’s Website

Dorie’s Entrepreneurial Self – Assessment:  Entrepreneurial You self-assessment

Dorie’s latest book:  Entrepreneurial You  and her courses


Stick around for the brief Noteworthy segment on an article we think is worth your time

This week’s selection is Proof That the Most Successful Entrepreneurs Are Older Ones

By Kerry Hannon, Next Avenue



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