Design the Life or Second Career You Want

Perhaps you’ve earned the freedom to retire early and you’re looking forward to a new life without full-time work. Or maybe you’re at a crossroads professionally and thinking about a career change. Or you’re planning to retire from your primary career and sense that you’re not quite done yet – you’d like to create a portfolio of activities with meaning and purpose. But maybe you’re not completely clear on your options or how to get there.

Working together one-on-one (virtually in most cases)
We will embark on a life design journey using a hands-on approach leveraging various design tools and techniques. You will:

• Develop clarity on what really Energizes and Engages You – and what doesn’t.

• Explore ideation methods to unlock new options and possibilities.

• Envision three Alternative Visions of Your Future in the context of your overall life.

• Reframe problems, obstacles and dysfunctional beliefs to get you unstuck and moving forward.

• Protype your ideas to reality test, refine and sharpen them.

• Build your personal roadmap to make it happen.

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For more background on the approach, watch this brief trailer for the original
Designing Your Life Book:

Designing Your Life Trailer from Christopher Woodside on Vimeo.