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June 30, 2019
Freedom is the best part of retirement. But you have to solve the adjustment to retirement first.

Freedom is Just Another Word for … Retirement

  by Joe Casey   The essence of retirement is freedom. Time to do what you want – when you want. Building enough financial security to walk away and live on your own terms. Graduating from the grind to a different lifestyle. Time to begin to focus less on pursuing the outward markers of success and more on the other ways you’d like to invest your time.   But when will it be the right time for you to walk away? When you consider the question When can I retire? today it’s less often triggered by a specific date or […]
May 3, 2019
Second act careers

What Story Are You Writing? 6 Lessons to Fuel Your Next Chapter

by Joe Casey What will the next chapter be in the story that you’re writing? I had the pleasure of attending a CIRKEL intergenerational networking event in New York City this week with our 21-year-old daughter. It was a great experience – and it was interesting to compare notes on the way home on our different perspectives and takeaways. It’s a terrific idea. Bring generations together for mutually beneficial mentoring. This CIRKEL event featured three New Yorkers from three generations sharing their life stories.  (The fact that all three came to New York from elsewhere – Boston, Texas, and Minnesota […]

New Podcast Episodes

July 18, 2019

Will Your Second Act Career Be In The Gig Economy? – Diane Mulcahy

Whether it’s to create a second act career as a consultant, gain greater flexibility or to find a way to generate extra income in retirement, the gig economy offers both opportunities and challenges. In fact, today it’s relevant for virtually every age group and career stage. The demand for freelancer talent continues to grow and it may offer new options to leverage your skills and experience. But the challenges and transition issues are real and it’s wise to be prepared. Becoming savvy about how to navigate it well will enhance your chances of success. We talk with Diane Mulcahy, author […]
June 27, 2019

How Life Hacks Can Help Make Your Retirement the Best Time of Your Life – Sam Horn

In this episode we talk with Author, Keynote Speaker and Communications Strategist Sam Horn, about her new book Someday Is Not a Day in the Week: 10 Hacks to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life. Sam shares her wisdom (and her great stories) on a range of topics including what gets in the way of people realizing their dreams in retirement (and how to overcome them), life hacks you can use to move forward and the benefits of Half-Retiring. Sam also shares tools and quick, powerful exercises in real-time that you can use in planning […]

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