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Baby Boomers often plan to work past retirement age

Hiring Older Workers: Reasons To Close The Gap

By Susan Williams We are currently experiencing a labour shortage in North America. In the US, there are now more jobs than people looking for work and this situation is no different in Canada. If you think this is a good thing unfortunately this isn’t necessarily the case. If left unchecked for too long, this situation could have a significant impact on the economy. This is because labour shortages can drive up wages as businesses compete to try and fill their vacancies. When the wages are increased, this also then increases the cost of products and services which then can turn […]
find your purpose in retirement

Power Up Your Purpose: Now’s The Time

By Bev Bachel Over the past few months, I’ve been asking people 50+ a simple question: How do you find purpose in retirement? Here are a handful of their answers:   “I’m spreading the word about phone scams so other people don’t lose their money the way I did.”   “Caring for my wife. She just had a stroke.”   “Fighting against pharma greed so people can afford their prescriptions.”   “I’m developing a program that benefits both kids and older adults.”   “Sharing my mental health journey to help de-stigmatize the issue.”   “Making my community better for all […]

New Podcast Episodes

How to Retire Early and Live Your Life Fully – Leif Dahleen

Is there a playbook on how to retire early?  You may find yourself dreaming of early retirement now after reading stories of the FIRE Movement (Financial Independence and Retire Early). But maybe you’re wondering what it would really be like to retire early and walk away? And perhaps you’ve fantasized about what life would be like without a blaring alarm clock five days a week.   An Early Retirement Story In Progress Our guest is Leif Dahleen, who at 43, did just that in August. We talk with Leif about his story and: What the FIRE Movement is about What […]

With the Freedom to Retire, Where Will You Plant Your New Tree? – Don Ezra

Once you’ve earned the freedom to retire, what will you do next? What are your plans for retirement? How will you approach preparing to retire so that one day you’ll be happily retired? Well, Don Ezra thinks that the word retirement is obsolete. He believes it’s high time that we reframe how we think about it. In Don’s view what we used to call retirement, is today the beginning of a new second life. He calls it Life Two – life after full-time work. In fact, multiple surveys indicate that the vast majority of people want to continue to work […]

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