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Early retirement takes more than a good financial plan. You have to evade the traps.

Early Retirement Traps You’re Not Planning For Yet

By Joe Casey Early retirement is a big achievement that’s years in the making. It takes vision, planning, discipline, and sacrifice to reach the point where work becomes a choice and not a financial necessity. But there are some early retirement traps you may not be planning for yet – and they could create challenges that may surprise you. Ten Early Retirement Traps to Avoid As a retirement coach, I see a number of early retirement traps that many of my client’s experience.  Putting them off can impact your experience in retirement and mute the rewards of retiring early. The […]
Hire the right retirement coach

Hiring a Retirement Coach? Here’s What to Look For

By Joe Casey   Who needs a retirement coach?  There will be over 3.6 million people in the US turning 65 each year for the next two decades. [1]  And with many pursuing early retirement, there are more people than ever before navigating the transition to retirement.  And there’s a growing cadre of retirement coaches ready to help. But it’s important to hire the right retirement coach for you.   What’s Driving the Growth in Retirement Coaching? Retirement is a major life transition with a significant emotional component. There’s a growing awareness that retirement is about much more than money. […]

New Podcast Episodes

Do Your Retirement Strategies Account for 6 Stages & Community? – Ted Carr

In this edition of our retirement podcast our guest is Ted Carr, a thoughtful and interesting blogger and podcaster on early retirement who we enjoy following. People often think of retirement as a single phase of life, but Ted describes how there are 6 distinct phases of retirement. He shares his personal experiences with the different phases after he retired early from a career in Silicon Valley. You’ll come away with an appreciation of why your retirement strategies should take the different phases into account if you want to retire smarter. One of the big questions people face in retirement […]

Is Working Into Retirement Good for Your Brain? – Dawn Carr

We all want to stay sharp. Cognitive functioning is a key part of healthy aging. But is working longer helpful or harmful to your brain health? Well, it depends. In this episode of our retirement podcast, Dawn Carr of Florida State University discusses her insights from new research on the impact of working into retirement with different types of jobs. She also talks about what may happen when people unretire and return to work. Dawn also shares her advice on how to stay sharp based on research. Bio Dawn C. Carr is an associate professor at Florida State University in […]

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