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May 3, 2019
Second act careers

What Story Are You Writing? 6 Lessons to Fuel Your Next Chapter

by Joe Casey What will the next chapter be in the story that you’re writing? I had the pleasure of attending a CIRKEL intergenerational networking event in New York City this week with our 21-year-old daughter. It was a great experience – and it was interesting to compare notes on the way home on our different perspectives and takeaways. It’s a terrific idea. Bring generations together for mutually beneficial mentoring. This CIRKEL event featured three New Yorkers from three generations sharing their life stories.  (The fact that all three came to New York from elsewhere – Boston, Texas, and Minnesota […]
April 30, 2019
Preparing to work in retirement

Is the Real Issue Age or Competence?

By Susan Williams I read a really interesting article in the New York Times recently entitled “When Is The Surgeon Too Old To Operate”. The article highlighted that similar to many other professions, the population of physicians is aging. It then went on to raise the question of how to determine whether an aging physician is still able to practice and what is the best way to evaluate and discuss this. Right after I read this article, I noticed another article in Forbes on a different but similar topic. It shared the challenges about talking with your elderly parents about whether they should […]

New Podcast Episodes

May 16, 2019

What Unique Challenges Do People Who Love Their Work Face in Transitioning to Retirement? – Michelle Pannor Silver

In this episode we talk with Michelle Pannor Silver, of The University of Toronto, author of Retirement and Its Discontents: Why We Won’t Stop Working, Even if We Can. Michelle shares what led her to research retirement and write her book; how identity can make retirement challenging for some people; and what factors influence the timing of when people in different professions tend to retire. We also discuss how ageism is costing organizations and societies across the world. We close with her recommendations, based on her research, on what people who are planning for retirement should keep top of mind. […]
May 1, 2019

Noteworthy Series: Listen to Your Inner Voice – It Could be Your Wake-Up Call – Richard Losciale

Welcome to the third episode of our Noteworthy Series, where we highlight an article that we think warrants your attention and host a conversation with a relevant guest. Today’s article is The Power of Wakeup Calls by Gregg Levoy (Psychology Today – July 2017). Our guest is Richard Losciale, who experienced his own personal wake-up call that changed the way he lived his life – from being focused on the aspirational to being focused on the inspirational.  As Rich listened to his inner little voice, he worked hard to recover from being near death and transformed his life by shifting his mindset to […]

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