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July 31, 2019
The Rolling Stones are still going strong well into their 70s

What Can The Rolling Stones Teach Us About Working Longer?

by Joe Casey I had a great experience this month going to FedEx Field in the Washington, DC area to see The Rolling Stones in concert. It was surreal to see a band that I first saw when I was 18 in the mid-’70s with my son who just turned 18 last month. As we entered the stadium, we passed a truck emblazoned Retire Like a Rock Star by a financial industry association who is sponsoring the tour and promoting annuities.  I was thinking ‘I’m not sure I can learn much about retirement from this band still going strong in […]
June 30, 2019
Freedom is the best part of retirement. But you have to solve the adjustment to retirement first.

Freedom is Just Another Word for … Retirement

by Joe Casey   The essence of retirement is freedom. Time to do what you want – when you want. Building enough financial security to walk away and live on your own terms. Graduating from the grind to a different lifestyle. Time to begin to focus less on pursuing the outward markers of success and more on the other ways you’d like to invest your time.   But when will it be the right time for you to walk away? When you consider the question When can I retire? today it’s less often triggered by a specific date or age […]

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August 13, 2019

What Can We Learn from Blue Zones? – Richard Eisenberg

Our guest on this episode is Richard Eisenberg. Richard is the Managing Editor of PBS’, the PBS site for people 50+, where he is also the editor of the Money and Work & Purpose channels. Previously, he was Executive Editor of Money magazine, Front Page Finance Editor of Yahoo! and Special Projects Director/Money Editor at Good Housekeeping. He is the author of two books: How to Avoid a Midlife Financial Crisis and The Money Book of Personal Finance. We talk with Richard about Next Avenue, older workers and employers, the key trends Baby Boomers should be aware of and […]
July 26, 2019

Your Retirement Won’t Come with a Road Map – Carol Hymowitz

As an author and journalist, Carol Hymowitz has a unique perspective on the world of work, longevity and how some savvy employers are wising up and leveraging older workers. Recently a visiting scholar at Stanford’s Center on Longevity, Carol was formerly an Editor at Large at Bloomberg, and a Senior Editor and columnist at the Wall Street Journal, where she spent most of her journalism career. Reflections on Transitioning to Retirement and Working Longer When you begin to contemplate how to retire, there’s no shortage of advice from well-meaning colleagues and friends. But every retirement is different. It can quickly […]

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