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October 17, 2017

Will You Outlive Your Money? There Are Other Risks to Manage, Too.

By Joe Casey You’ve seen the brochures on retirement. Sailboats. Walks on the beach, Golf. Beautiful sunsets. ‘Seashells and balloons’ as the late, great Al McGuire once quipped. They paint an appealing picture of retirement.  It looks awesome! It’s important to have an aspirational vision of your life in retirement. And it’s critical to have a sound financial plan and invest wisely for your future. If you don’t, you’ll risk outliving your money, advisors and journalists prudently warn. It’s a primary concern. But there’s another side of retirement that’s not in the brochures. The non-financial side. It also carries serious […]
October 10, 2017

Thinking of Moving In Retirement? Be Sure To Do Your Research

By Susan Williams Are you thinking about moving in retirement? Whether it’s to downsize, reduce your costs, cash in on your home equity or move closer to family – making a move can be both a challenging and exciting time. However, before you make the leap be sure to do your research. The following video from CNBC provides some good tips for you to consider before you pack up your home and lives and head for another location. Here are some of the highlights; Research, research, research Moving homes can be a stressful and exhausting activity and the last thing you want to […]
September 28, 2017

A Thank You to Sir Paul – “When I’m 75”!

by Denis Wuestman Going back 50 years when the Beatles released the song When I’m 64 I recall thinking that my parents at the time weren’t even that age. Hard to identify with something so far away.. Yet this little ditty was enjoyable back then as it is now – only the number 64 is rapidly approaching on me. But hey – I think the person that wrote and sang it, Sir Paul McCartney, has shown us what is possible as we age. One story I read said that he wrote it when he was 16 years of age and […]

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