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August 15, 2017

READY, SET, GO – Tips to help you launch your “Second Act”

by Denis Wuestman Are you in in the retirement homestretch from your primary career with that magic day less than a year away?  Preparing for this transition takes a lot of planning both on the financial and non-financial side.   I remember when I was a kid and we had running races in the neighborhood.   Recalling three key words from that time resonates today as we face this next part of our life journey.   Remember: READY, SET, GO?   Funny how those words had a way of creating focus. Let’s apply this to how you might approach what to do with your […]
August 11, 2017

What Will Your Life in Retirement Be About? Your Outlook Matters.

By Joe Casey Our head of HR once told an old story that’s always stuck with me. The story was about a traveler in ancient Rome who was walking up a steep hill where he encountered a group of workers scurrying about. I’m Busy, Man It was a very busy scene and he decided to inquire about what exactly they were doing. The first worker he asked seemed visibly annoyed about being interrupted and barked “I am cutting stones.” It wasn’t clearly audible, but the traveler thought he heard the worker grumble “Idiot.” The worker clearly wanted to return to his tasks […]
August 6, 2017

Words Matter. Can Just One Change Your Mindset?

By Joe Casey Let’s call him Max — he’s one of my executive coaching clients. His company considers him a high potential leader and they’ve promoted him to a stretch assignment, way outside of his comfort zone, to broaden out his experience. They’ve hired me to help him accelerate his learning process. Right Or Left? Max is a financial whiz. He’s analytically gifted. His numbers always tick and tie. He’s the final word on the financial aspects of his company’s business. His company wants him to learn more about the customer side of the business so they’ve rotated him to run Marketing. […]

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