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Coronavirus has led to many people on lockdown and working from home out of their normal routine

Make the Most of Social Distancing

By Joe Casey Resilience. Adaptability. Resourcefulness. Ingenuity. These are words to keep in mind during these difficult times. We’re facing a serious health situation with a great deal of uncertainty, anxiety and stress. There are real economic consequences. The routines of daily life have been disrupted and many people have been ordered to stay at home. Social distancing is likely to last for a significant period of time, at least in certain parts of the world. Resilience building and adaptability to change are keep skills for the rest of your life. So what’s the best way to handle this period […]
Retirement gifts can be very meaninful if selected thoughtfully.

How to Give a Retirement Gift That’s Meaningful

By Joe Casey At some point in your career, you’ll be faced with choosing a retirement gift for your boss or one of your employees. Or maybe you’ll want to  come up with some gift ideas for retiring co-worker. Many people assume they’ll be able to find the perfect gift, only to discover that it’s quite a unique challenge. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind the next time you’re looking for a retirement gift, including some of our top retirement gift ideas.   1. What Are The Best Options for Retirement Gifts?   First and foremost, it’s […]

New Podcast Episodes

Design Your Life and Get Unstuck – Dave Evans

Life planning & career planning can be challenging things to tackle, especially in uncertain times like these. Dave Evans, the co-author of Designing Your Life and the new book Designing your Work Life, explains how the principles of design thinking can give you an edge. Whether you’re anticipating a transition to a new chapter in life in retirement, creating a second career or making a savvy career change, “iterating your way forward” is the best way to explore new options. Designing Your Life is one of the most impactful books I’ve ever read and the one I’ve most often given […]

The Joy of Movement – Kelly McGonigal

            Our guest today is Kelly McGonigal, PhD, and author of The Joy of Movement. Kelly is a health psychologist at Stanford whose Ted Talk on stress has over 22 million views.  The Joy Of Movement is an exceptional book that blends the science behind the psychological benefits of exercise and physical activity with compelling stories of how exercise has helped people overcome challenges and thrive. It’s a great time of year to (carefully) start or resume working out and this book has inspiring messages that will get you moving. You’ll find this book to […]

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