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Early retirement takes more than a good financial plan. You have to evade the traps.

Early Retirement Traps You’re Not Planning For Yet

By Joe Casey Early retirement is a big achievement that’s years in the making. It takes vision, planning, discipline, and sacrifice to reach the point where work becomes a choice and not a financial necessity. But there are some early retirement traps you may not be planning for yet – and they could create challenges that may surprise you. Ten Early Retirement Traps to Avoid As a retirement coach, I see a number of early retirement traps that many of my client’s experience.  Putting them off can impact your experience in retirement and mute the rewards of retiring early. The […]
Hire the right retirement coach

Hiring a Retirement Coach? Here’s What to Look For

By Joe Casey   Who needs a retirement coach?  There will be over 3.6 million people in the US turning 65 each year for the next two decades. [1]  And with many pursuing early retirement, there are more people than ever before navigating the transition to retirement.  And there’s a growing cadre of retirement coaches ready to help. But it’s important to hire the right retirement coach for you.   What’s Driving the Growth in Retirement Coaching? Retirement is a major life transition with a significant emotional component. There’s a growing awareness that retirement is about much more than money. […]

New Podcast Episodes

Why Building Resilience is Vital in Midlife and Beyond – Jan Zacharjasz

In this episode of our retirement podcast we with talk with Jan Zacharjasz. Jan is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in midlife transitions, including making a midlife career change, focusing on the changing needs of Baby Boomers as they redefine aging today. Jan shares with us her insights and perspective on a range of topics: Her story of what led her to become a coach The key challenges she sees clients dealing with in mid-life and beyond Why resilience building is vital – and whether it’s something you’re born with or can be learned How she helps clients navigate transitions […]

Why People Make a Career Change with Purpose Top of Mind – Chris Farrell

In this new episode of our retirement podcast, we are joined by Chris Farrell to discuss his new book Purpose and a Paycheck. Podcasts about retirement and books on retirement primarily focus on financial planning. Chris’ new book is different. In our conversation, he shares his observations on why more people are making a career change toward work with greater purpose and meaning. Chris explains why he thinks “There has never been a better time to be in the second half of life in America” and offers his insights on why the choice of working in retirement can be beneficial. […]

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