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November 2, 2017

Aging in the Suburbs – Is This Realistic or Risky?

 By Susan Williams     The suburbs. Where homes were built outside city limits so young families could enjoy home ownership and having their own backyard.   Suburban life really started to boom after World War II when many war vets returned home and wanted to settle down. At that time the suburbs were ideal. They were typically located just outside the major cities. Given the increased capabilities to commute to the city because of the infrastructure to support cars and trains, it became a great place to get a larger home and space and raise a family. However today the suburbs are […]
October 26, 2017

5 Tips On How A Structure Can Help Your Retirement Transition

by Denis Wuestman If you are thinking of retiring from full time work and are not sure what it will be like, you are in for one certain thing– an adjustment. Two main things I hear from people who have transitioned are: 1) dealing with a change in their identity from worker to retiree and, 2) that their days are less structured and they are not sure if they like that or not. In the short term these may not feel like big issues but once you have spent some time in retirement, not preparing for these changes can lead […]
October 17, 2017

Will You Outlive Your Money? There Are Other Risks to Manage, Too.

By Joe Casey You’ve seen the brochures on retirement. Sailboats. Walks on the beach, Golf. Beautiful sunsets. ‘Seashells and balloons’ as the late, great Al McGuire once quipped. They paint an appealing picture of retirement.  It looks awesome! It’s important to have an aspirational vision of your life in retirement. And it’s critical to have a sound financial plan and invest wisely for your future. If you don’t, you’ll risk outliving your money, advisors and journalists prudently warn. It’s a primary concern. But there’s another side of retirement that’s not in the brochures. The non-financial side. It also carries serious […]

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