Create the Retirement You Want

When people think of retirement planning, the financial aspects are front and center. The biggest question for many people is whether or not they will outlive their money. But there’s another big question on people’s minds.

What will I do next?
Ultimately, how you answer that questions will determine how fulfilling your retirement will be.
People look forward to the freedom retirement offers. But transitioning out of the work routine of many years can be challenging. In fact, retirement is one of the top 10 most stressful life events.
This is where Retirement Wisdom® comes in. We help people planning for retirement focus on how to invest their time in retirement.
With the average retirement lasting decades today, it is too long for most people to just relax. In fact, retirement today is seen as a new phase of life offering opportunities for lifelong learning, reinvention and contribution.
We help people figure out how to replace the benefits they received from work beyond a paycheck, such as identity, status, purpose, social connectivity and structure. And there’s a lot at stake. Redefining purpose is especially important for many people. A 2019 University of Michigan study found that a strong sense of purpose was linked to wellness and longevity.
An experienced and trained coach can help you paint the picture of the retirement you really want; help you move from uncertainty to clarity; and be a catalyst for you to move from paused to engaged. Our coaches will work with you one-on-one (in most cases virtually) in a six-session coaching process to get you firmly on the road to thriving in the retirement you worked so hard to earn.

The possibilities are vast – but there’s no standard playbook. We help you create your unique path forward.

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