Baby Boomers often plan to work past retirement age
Older Workers Have a Big Secret: Their Age – The Wall Street Journal
Retire smarter. Envsion your life in retirement. Plan beyond your 401k.
What Age to Retire At? Look Beyond the Money

Want to Help Someone Retire Well? Consider the Gift of a ‘Retirement Coach’ – MarketWatch

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Retirement Wisdom’s Joe Casey is quoted as the importance of transitioning well into retirement has led to retirement coaching as a retirement gift to people they care about as they approach retirement.

Planning for retirement is about much more than money today. A well-trained retirement coach can help people thoughtfully design their new “post-career” life. Finding a new purpose, structuring time, cultivating new interests, while maintaining and creating strong social relationships are all ingredients in a satisfying retirement. An experienced coach can help unlock the unique recipe that’s right for the person at this stage of life. And that can make all the difference.

Read the piece on MarketWatch by Alessandra Malito:


Want to help someone retire well_ Consider the gift of a ‘retirement coach’ - MarketWatch

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