Retirement Calculators

Can I Retire?

We offer free access to two of the best retirement calculators offered by third party providers. Retirement today lasts much longer than it used to - especially if you're planning to retire early. It's critical to estimate how much you will need in retirement to make the lifestyle you desire a reality. There are a lot of unknown factors and ambiguity to deal with in planning for retirement.

A Retirement Planning Calculator

The prospect of retiring early is exciting. Retirement offers the freedom and flexibility to do more of what you want to do - when you want to do it. But there's uncertainty, too. At Retirement Wisdom® we focus on helping people with the non-financial aspects of transitioning to retirement and designing their next chapters.  While we work on the non-financial side of the street, we also know that underneath every satisfying retirement is a solid financial foundation. A retirement planning calculator can give you useful projections.

A Longevity Calculator

Longevity is another key factor to consider in retirement planning. Having a sense of the probabilities of the lifespan (and the healthspan) that you are planning for is important in validating your assumptions for retirement planning. How do you assess longevity? A good place to start is the longevity calculator offered by the Society of Actuaries. You can access their Longevity Illustrator tool here

Consult With a Pro

While we strongly recommend that you consult with a qualified financial professional, we offer free access to two retirement planning calculators as educational resources for those who want to explore if the math works for them on the financial side of the street. If you're pondering the question Can I retire? from a financial perspective, check out the retirement investment calculators below - the New Retirement Planner from and The Flexible Retirement Planner from Random Walk Ventures.

Go Beyond Your IRA

Expand your planning to include the non-financial side of retirement.

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Disclaimer: The Retirement and Longevity calculators offered are to be used for educational and information purposes only. They are not intended to provide investment or health advice. Retirement Wisdom LLC is not responsible for the accuracy of third-party calculators or their projections.  The projections from these calculators are hypothetical and may not be applicable to your individual situation. Retirement Wisdom, LLC  advises you to consult with a qualified financial and/or medical professional regarding your individual situation.