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Why Building Resilience is Vital in Midlife and Beyond – Jan Zacharjasz

In this episode of our retirement podcast we with talk with Jan Zacharjasz. Jan is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in midlife transitions, including making a midlife career change, focusing on the changing needs of Baby Boomers as they redefine aging today. Jan shares with us her insights and perspective on a range of topics:

  • Her story of what led her to become a coach
  • The key challenges she sees clients dealing with in mid-life and beyond
  • Why resilience building is vital – and whether it’s something you’re born with or can be learned
  • How she helps clients navigate transitions
  • Her coaching approach
  • The benefits of coaching for her clients


Wise Quotes

“I think resilience is just one of the most important things that you can have in midlife. I really see resilience as an antidote for managing many of the mid and later life changes that we were just talking about. It’s really an essential tool to help you navigate through the different bumps in the road that come up – and to help you not only bounce back from setbacks or disappointments or worries. But resilience done the right way really can enable you to come out of it even stronger than ever as a result of the experiences you’ve had and what you’ve learned from them.”

“I really see there’s just an incredibly widespread application for resilience. In midlife. And resilience is a key life skill. And, if you think about it, nobody really taught us how to be resilient in school. So that’s why I build resilience into my coaching and I actually teach it in workshops.”




Jan Zacharjasz is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in midlife transitions, focusing on the changing needs of Baby Boomers as they redefine aging today.  The founder of Coaching for Resilience, Jan is passionate about helping people gain courage and resilience through significant work, health, and family changes so they can reframe their lives and thrive moving forward.  Along with individual coaching, Jan provides life purpose and energy leadership assessments and interactive workshops on resilience, retirement lifestyle planning, and how to manage change successfully.

Jan’s career spans the private and public sectors in healthcare.  Most recently, she directed an award-winning program designed to cultivate positive aging in those who are 55+.  This innovative program focused on health and wellness, social connectivity, and strategies for creating a fulfilling retirement.

Jan received her coaching certification from iPEC, the leading Coach Training program in the U.S.  She earned her M.S. in Human Organization Science from Villanova University and her B.S. in Individual and Family Studies from The Pennsylvania State University, where she graduated as valedictorian.

An active community leader, Jan is co-chair for the Philadelphia chapter of the Life Planning Network and serves on its National Board.  She developed the Sandwich Generation Series to provide life-changing support to Boomers in caregiving roles for their aging parents and children.

Jan has effectively responded to her family’s unexpected life changes and brings deep sensitivity, resourcefulness, and diligence to her coaching clients.  A proud member of the Sandwich Generation, Jan provides endless love and devotion to her husband, Mario, two daughters, and mother.  She loves traveling, exercising, and relaxing with family and friends at the beach.


Jan has recently become affiliated with Retirement Wisdom. If you’d like to work with Jan, please email Joe Casey at [email protected] or call Joe at (609) 921-1521.


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