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Purposeful Retirement: How to Bring Happiness and Meaning to Your Retirement

By Hyrum W. Smith (2017-Mango Publishing Group)

 In Short

This retirement book is not a book on theory. Hyrum Smith, the former Chairman CEO of FranklinCovey and a renowned expert on time management, shares his experience and wisdom on what really matters most in retirement. It is a book filled with insights and humor. He challenges the conventional views of retirement and offers useful ideas on how to shift your mindset towards it, embrace the transition and live life fully in retirement. People often advise others to “Stay busy” in retirement. This book shows you how to that, but in a way that provides deeper meaning and significance.

In particular, his thoughts and recommendations on creating a new identity in retirement are especially beneficial. As you may expect, his book focuses on principles and illuminating the key ones that underlie a great retirement.  What I enjoyed most about this book about retirement were the stories that Hyrum shared that brought each principle to life. His observations on meaning, purpose and making a difference in this phase of life are both inspiring and practical.


  • Hyrum explains how we all have Belief Window (please see my humble story on his valuable idea) and how important it is to reflect on them and update them as you are transitioning for retirement. Letting go can be hard, but it gives you to freedom to live fully in the present.
  • Proactivity is vital in transitioning to retirement well. Many people end up drifting into retirement and can become lost without the purpose and structure that their working years provided.  Hyrum describes how you can take charge and redefine your mission, rediscover your core values and direct your time toward them in your retirement.
  • Purpose and meaning can be lofty concepts. As you would expect from someone who’s known as “The Father of Time Management”, he delivers options on how to take your purpose and translate it into action on a weekly and daily basis.
  • For many of us, retiring is not a solo endeavor. Smith offers lessons learned on how to retire well together and be attuned to the adjustments to retirement that may need to be discussed and made.


  • If you’re thinking about retirement, start by checking in on your attitude about it. Hyrum Smith believes there are two camps (Those who can’t wait – and those who will need to be dragged into it kicking and screaming).
  • He asks, Which Camp Are You In?

No matter which camp you’re in today, this retirement book can help to broaden your thinking about your retirement and ensure that how you choose to invest your time is aligned with a renewed clarity of purpose and values.

– Joe Casey

Joe Casey is an executive coach, who also helps people think through and create their Second Acts, at


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