June 22, 2018

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

In this conversation, Denis and Joe talk with Melissa Davey, a filmmaker who re-invented herself and pivoted to her new career in her mid-sixties. She is just completing her first documentary feature-film: The Beyond Sixty Project.  Melissa shares her advice on making a big career shift and what she has learned from the women in her film. Stick Around for the Noteworthy segment – where Joe and Denis discuss a recent article worth reading This week’s article is: Be Optimistic. You Might Live Longer! -from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College’s Squared Away blog http://squaredawayblog.bc.edu/squared-away/be-optimistic-you-might-live-longer/ For more on Melissa […]
May 5, 2018

Creating Your Second Act

In this episode, Denis and Joe interview Linda Hardenstein, a Career Reinventionist. Linda works with her clients on reinventing their careers –and often their lives – from helping them pivot to a new career or design an encore career in retirement. Linda shares her insights on what’s involved in making those types of moves, what obstacles people often encounter and how to get around them. Stick Around for the Noteworthy segment where Joe and Denis discuss a recent article worth reading. This time it’s about why studies are showing that many people are flocking back to work after they retire. […]
April 23, 2018

Preparing Well for the Soft Side of Retirement

Today on the podcast, we welcome The Retirement Manifesto! Fritz Gilbert is a corporate commodity trader, aspiring philosopher and lifelong financial hobbyist who is on the cusp of early retirement at 55. Fritz and his wife recently sold their primary home and moved into a cabin in the North Georgia mountains as part of their downsizing strategy for retirement. Fritz created his blog, The Retirement Manifesto , a canvas for helping people achieve a great retirement, to share their lessons learned during their journey. The Retirement Manifesto focuses on practical Financial Independence and Retirement Planning issues for folks within ten years […]
April 16, 2018

Who’s Your Retirement Role Model?

In this episode, Joe and Denis talk with Dr. Thelma Reese, the coauthor of two books with the late Barbara Fleisher – The New Senior Woman: Reinventing the Years Beyond Mid – Life and The New Senior Man: Exploring New Horizons, New Opportunities, which published in 2017. Topics discussed include: What’s different about retirement today? What’s different in retirement for women and men? Where did all the role models go? What does it take to Man Up in retirement? Stick around for the Noteworthy segment where Joe and Denis discuss a recent article worth reading – this time it’s about […]
March 12, 2018

What Can Millennials & Baby Boomers Learn From Each Other About Retirement

In this episode, The Retirement Wise Guys talk with Leadership and Retirement Coach Jim Frawley, who coaches both Millennials and Baby Boomers. While Baby Boomers often talk about reinventing retirement, the Millennials are now ripping up that script. They discuss how Millennials think differently about retirement and what Baby Boomers can learn from them (and vice versa) . Jim describes how the ‘No Rules’ world that Millennials operate in is empowering – and also challenging -when it comes to retirement.

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