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Will Your Personality Change in Retirement?

Organize Your Emotions, Optimize Your Life

By Margaret Moore, MBA, Edward Phillps, MD and John Hanc.  (2016 – William Morrow).


Emotional intelligence is important throughout life, including retirement. The transition to retirement or early retirement is an emotional one as well. Some of the best books on retirement aren’t specifically about retirement. They focus on topics that happen to be valuable in making the transition to retirement or from one career to another. This excellent book is clearly one of the very best of them.

All Life Transitions Are Emotional

Any big change across our lifespan is an emotional experience. When it comes to retiring, that can be underestimated. You may be wondering, ‘What’s the problem? Every day will be Saturday! The only emotions I’m feeling are joy and anticipation!’

But there are many aspects about retirement that are emotional. Shifting your identity is a key one. Your relationships change, sometimes more abruptly than anticipated. The benefits of the relationships you had at work will need to be replaced in some different ways. Relationships in your personal life face changes as well.

Your ‘Inner Family’ of Emotions

Retirement is not a solo pursuit, it involves family as well. But there’s another family that will be along for the ride on your journey. The authors introduce the concept of your ‘Inner Family’ of nine emotions. Raising awareness of your emotions, in tandem with mindfulness, tilts the odds in our favor toward self-mastery. Your emotions have a language all their own. This book helps your ability to listen to their powerful messages, leverage your strengths and move in the direction you really want to go. It’s powerful knowledge for the next chapters of your life. 

Optimize Your Life

Finally, one of the main tenets of this book is that taking control of managing your emotions will position you to optimize your life. You’ve probably spent decades working, saving and investing to be able to enjoy your retirement years. This book provides smart tools and tips, backed by research, that can help you make the most of them.

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