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Thinking about a mid-life career shift?

In this episode, we catch up with Jeff Tidwell, who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Next For Me, a resource that “connects and inspires our generation to evolve our post-50 lives through new work, a new purpose, or a new social contribution.”

Jeff shares his insights on the challenges and opportunities faced by the 50+ generation, the resources needed to overcome obstacles and shift careers or create an entrepreneurial path.

Jeff also discusses his own experiences as an entrepreneur and his key lessons so far.

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Wise Quotes:

“Well, number one is the mindset. Are you open to new ways of doing things? Because so often we hear, I don’t want to learn Slack, I don’t need another data input. Why are you using Google Docs when I’m so comfortable with Microsoft Word and so we’re getting in our own way because we’re limiting our creativity around ways to do work.

And so you got to step away from the way you’ve been doing things, be open to new ways of doing things, hang out with people who are digital natives. It might be a little confounding to you, ask them – they’re usually wide open to helping out.”

“Be open to new ways of doing things. Lifelong learning is (key). If you’re into that anyway ,you already know the benefits of it, but be open to learning new things, trying new things, not getting stuck on the old ways you’re accustomed to doing things. The world’s moving fast and things change, run with it, have fun.”


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Jeff Tidwell began his career with alternative newspapers and then moved online, where he has worked in Silicon Valley and New York overseeing online communities and user experience for E*TRADE, WebMD,, MarketTools, Chirp Interactive and many startups via his consulting practice prepop.

Today, he’s the CEO and Co-Founder of Next For Me. He has been a featured speaker at Tech Inclusion, is a regular contributor to Forbes “Chronicles . of a 50+Entrepreneur” and is a regular guest on podcasts and ‘longevity economy’ conferences and events.

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