One of the best books to prepare for life in retirement is The Second Mountain by David Brooks. It highlights the shift toward meaning and purpose in the second half of life.
The Second Mountain
Do you love your work? Transitioning to retirement may be hard.
Retirement and Its Discontents

Listening to These Podcasts Might Push You to Save for Retirement – MarketWatch

Listening to retirement podcasts

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What podcasts should I listen to? As podcasts become more popular, this question comes up more and more. And what if you’re planning for retirement or striving to retire early? Or pondering when to retire?

The Retirement Wisdom Podcast and Managing Partner Joe Casey are highlighted in this article on how the best retirement podcasts are helping people retire smarter.


Listening to these podcasts might push you to save for retirement – Market Watch (by Alessandra Malito)


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We interview authors, thought leaders, experts and people creating interesting lives in retirement – and early retirement. We share different perspectives and practical ideas on deciding when to retire, how to retire well and how to design a second act career. Some have called it a free Retirement School for the non-financial side of retirement.


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