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Is This Risk on Your Radar? – Julie Belshe

In this special edition of The Retirement Conversation, we talk with Julie Belshe, about the shocking story of what happened to her parents, who were kidnapped by a Private Guardian. Julie shares her experiences in fighting to get them back, what she’s doing today as an advocate for reform and what we all need to know about Guardianship Fraud.


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This week’s selection is Elder Financial Abuse Will Get Worse As Americans Age by Teresa Ghilarducci in Forbes



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  1. What our parents went through as victim’s of guardianship abuse was awful. My Mom died two months after she was kidnapped and imprisoned in a nursing home against her will. I am glad you found my Mom’s video and eventually saved your Mom and Dad. Thank you for sharing your story Julie and continuing to help others. Together we will put an end to this abuse.

  2. Retirement Wisdom says:

    Thanks Diane.

  3. Rick Black says:

    Denis and Joe,

    Thanks for running the interview with Julie Belshe. What happened to Rudy and Rennie North happens about 10,000 times a year and is common in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. It is perpetrated by predatory attorneys and complicit jurists who target the vulnerable to financially exploit them regardless of their estate documents.
    There is no redress for victims conscripted into the system. There was a whole team of activists and a whole lot of luck that saved the Norths in 2015.

  4. Retirement Wisdom says:

    Thanks Rick. It was a completely new topic to me when I read about it in The New Yorker last year and wanted to shed some light on it for people like me who may be unaware. Learning a lot more about the scope. Appreciate your work.
    Thank you,

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