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The Exciting Potential of Intergenerational Mentoring – Charlotte Japp

Considering a career shift? Intergenerational mentoring can be a valuable resource. Tapping into the knowledge, experience, skills and networks of other generations can be mutually beneficial and expand your thinking.

Career Shift? Learn from Other Generations

Join us as we talk with Charlotte Japp, who was interviewed for the article on the innovative organization she’s founded (CIRKEL) on intergenerational mentoring.

We learn more from Charlotte on what led her to create CIRKEL, how their events work and her vision for its future.


Wise Quote:

“I was listening to a podcast where they were talking about ways to get to 3% GDP growth, and they were saying there was a labor shortage because Baby Boomers were being aged out of their jobs. Instead of plainly coming to the conclusion that we needed to keep Baby Boomers working, not only because they wanted to work, but because it was good for the economy. They kind of went down this tangent of, “Well, maybe we need to get more immigrants … maybe robots will take these jobs …” It was just so strange to me because the answer was there in plain sight. This is not just something that I want to have in the world that is normalized, intergenerational connections and bringing more older back to work, but we also need to do it if we want to be successful as a whole. There’s kind of a two-sided answer, to why I created CIRKEL.”


More on Charlotte Japp and CIRKEL

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Bio and Background:

CIRKEL was founded by Charlotte Japp, a 27-year-old with a deep appreciation for her parents and other older, interesting people.

Early in her career, Charlotte noticed a huge gap between the 20-somethings she worked with and baby boomers like her parents, who had decades of experience, but were forced to retire or start secondary careers due to ageist hiring trends. Her friends and colleagues wanted career mentorship and life advice, while her parents and their friends were looking for new skills and trend reports to stay relevant in their careers.

Enter CIRKEL, an intergenerational platform to close that loop through speaker-led storytelling, intergenerational networking, and two-way mentorships.

Charlotte is passionate about connecting people and believes there’s a big opportunity for doing so across generations.


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