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Are You Really Planning for Retirement Without a Back Up Plan?
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What Will You Do When You’re Formerly Corporate? – Lorette Pruden

Forced retirement is a challenging experience but it can open up new possibilities you may not have otherwise considered.

Join us as we discuss making the transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship with Lorette Pruden, Ph.D., a chemical engineer turned Business Coach and Advisor.

Lorette shares insights and advice from her own transition and her work with her clients, how to avoid common mistakes, how to leverage a virtual organization and why it takes a different mindset to win as a business owner.

Wise Quote:

“(There’s) another formerly corporate outlook that gets people in trouble, which is, “I know what it takes to win.” You might know what it takes to win the game that you used to be playing, but now you’re playing a different game.

One of the things the new business owner has to figure out is what game they are playing. Is it chess or is it checkers? It’s the same board, but you need to know. There are bigger risks if you’re playing chess than if you’re playing checkers, right? Is it cricket or is it baseball? What are the rules? Why is it different? It looks kind of similar, but it turns out it’s not, so there’s some learning, a pretty steep learning curve, to figure out what is the game that you’re playing.”


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Lorette’s book Formerly Corporate: Mindset Shifts for Success in Your Own Business


Lorette Pruden, Ph.D., has helped hundreds of small business owners, sales professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders grow their businesses and manage that growth since 2000. She specializes in the Formerly Corporate—so many small business owners who’ve worked with her come from a corporate background that she finally wrote the book on it.

How does she help? Working one-on-one or in one of her business growth teams, Lorette delivers strategies that work, focus and structure, collaborative teams, and accountability. She is a Princeton chemical engineer turned entrepreneur, who works at the intersection of business and people processes. Her career spans three (so far) phases:

  • Chemistry—what is that?
  • Chemical engineering—how does it work? and
  • People—who’s going to make it happen?

Lorette consults, trains, coaches and inspires her clients to

  • Create strategic alliances and referral partnerships
  • Create a customized system of cultivating continuous referrals
  • Tap the collective wisdom of the mastermind team
  • Develop a business that is self-sufficient and
  • Produce enough profitable business to support the life they want to live.

Lorette was President of the National Speakers Association, NJ 2010-11, and has served on the Boards of the Institute for Management Consultants NJ, the NJ Youth Symphony, and the NJ Council for Farmers and Communities. She is a BNI member, and has run the Montgomery Friends of Open Space Farmers Market since 2003.


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