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In this episode, we catch up with retiree, author, and blogger Bob Lowry, who has been blogging about having a productive and fulfilling retirement at Satisfying Retirement.com for the past 9 years.

How to Retire to a Satisfying Retirement

Bob shares his insights and practical wisdom on the essential ingredients in a satisfying retirement, the key obstacles that need to be overcome and the lessons he’s learning in his own retirement.  We also discuss the benefits of a short sabbatical and what a Radical Retirement looks like for some people.

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Wise Quotes:

On the Transition to Retirement and Adaptability

“There’s fear of the unknown because none of us walked down this path ahead of time. It’s all brand new from the first day you do it. I take fear of the unknown is probably the biggest.

Well-meaning advice of others can get in the way. It’s great to hear what other people think, but you’ll drive yourself crazy if you try to say, “I’m going to have my retirement just like that guy, or just like my father-in-law, or just like whomever.”

Trying to follow what others do is probably the second biggest mistake. I think maybe, since retirement really is a journey, you got to be ready to change whatever it is you’re doing, your plans, how you live, where you live, the direction of your life. You got to be able to change that when it’s not working. Assuming everything that you thought was going to happen will happen is wrong, and sticking with a plan you made forever, just because you made the plan, will not work.

It’s just like virtually any part of life or any time of life. It changes and you are going to have to learn to adjust to that change. But I would say that’s exciting part because retirees are no longer restricted to whatever path has been previously determined. I can decide tomorrow to write a blog about, I don’t know, something else. I can decide tomorrow to move into my RV. I mean, there’s all sorts of possibilities. It’s that ability to abandon a plan, abandon what you think your life is going to be like, and follow the path of what you want your life to be.”


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Bob Lowry is the author of Preparing For Your Financial Future After Retirement, Preparing For Your Active Life After Retirement, Preparing To Make The Most of Your Free Time After Retirement and Living a Satisfying Retirement.

Bob has been profiled in Money Magazine & CNN Money, as well as Ad Age Insight White Papers. He is a featured author in the nationally released books, “65 Things To Do When You Retire,” “65 Things To Do When You Retire -Travel,” “70 Things To Do When You Turn 70,” and 80 Things To Do When You Turn 80.” as well as an original contributor to PBS’s website, Next Avenue.

For the past 9 years, Bob has been blogging about having a productive andfulfilling retirement at Satisfying Retirement.com


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