Denis Wuestman

Denis is a Retirement Coach. After a successful 33 year business career  where he held several senior leadership positions, he has transitioned into his Retirement phase and is pursuing his passion for helping people learn and grow in both their careers and lives.
Through a combination of Brain Based Coaching techniques and hands on experience with process improvement methods and techniques, he has worked closely with managers and teams in for profit and non-profit settings to help develop key leadership skills needed to sustain change and accomplish their personal and professional goals. In addition, by taking charge of his own personal transition to the retirement stage of life, he is able to understand and help others who are experiencing the same feelings and questions he had – the: what’s next for me?
Denis holds a BS in Accounting from the City University of NY.  He is a Results Trained Coach ( NeuroLeadership Group)  and a Certified Retirement Coach (Retirement Options). 
Denis is a husband, father, brother, and grandfather. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and currently resides in New Jersey. He is avid bicyclist, enjoys cooking and yoga and has developed a lot of energy beginning to cultivate his creative side!   He also provides process consulting and coaching for individuals and companies.