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Graduates who flock to Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and big law in search of prestige might be in for a harsh wake-up call only a few years later – Business Insider
May 14, 2019
Are You Ready to Follow Your Own Path in Retirement? – Bob Lowry
May 28, 2019

If You Love Your Work, Will You Hate Retirement? – Michelle Pannor Silver

In this episode we talk with Michelle Pannor Silver, of The University of Toronto, author of Retirement and Its Discontents: Why We Won’t Stop Working, Even if We Can.


Prepare for Your Retirement Transition with Research-based Ideas

Michelle shares what led her to research retirement and write her book; how identity can make retirement challenging for some people; and what factors influence the timing of when people in different professions are ready to retire. We also discuss how ageism is costing organizations and societies across the world. We close with her recommendations, based on her research, on what people who are planning for a transition to retirement should keep top of mind.

For more on Michelle Pannor Silver:

Please visit her website

Read Michelle’s book Retirement and Its Discontents

Commentary on her book:

University of Chicago Magazine Spring ’19: When what you do is no longer who you are

Times of London Literary Review


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