Happiness in retirement takes planning. It's a good idea to take your retirement plans for a test-drive

Test-Drive Your Retirement – Kiplinger

Everyone wants a happiness in retirement. But sometimes when you plan to retire, your visions don’t fully match up with the realities of retirement life. And there’s value in testing them so you can make adjustments ahead of time. There’s a lot of wisdom in the maxim Try Before You Buy. What about retirement though?  Two of the most valuable assets in retirement and money and time. Happiness retirement is about more than financial security. But sometimes people who are very careful with their financial resources are surprisingly less thoughtful about their time. Some people will invest hours in researching […]
Listening to podcast on headphones while working out

These Inspiring Podcasts Will Help You Thrive in 2020 -Thrive Global

The podcasts most popular with people looking for smart well-being tips in 2020? The Retirement Wisdom Podcast is included in this list by Thrive Global of 24 inspiring podcasts recommended for 2020: If you’re planning for retirement or pursuing early retirement, The Retirement Wisdom Podcast will give you a leg up on the the non-financial side of life in retirement. We interview authors, thought leaders and people living interesting lives in retirement – or early retirement. If you’ve done your homework to be financially prepared for retirement, now get up to speed on what you’ll need to know to thrive […]

Tiny Habits Can Lead to Big Changes – BJ Fogg

Behavior change is hard. Studies show that up to 45% of our behavior comes from habits. So, what if we could learn how to create habits and design the new behaviors we want? In this podcast episode, our guest is BJ Fogg, PhD;the founder of Stanford’s Behavior Design Lab; and the world’s leading expert in habit formation. His new book Tiny Habits: Small Changes That Change Everything is based on over two decades of groundbreaking research and lays out a simple – yet powerful – behavior change model and a broader master system. His Tiny Habits® Method helps you create […]

Retirement Planning Includes Getting Good at Getting Older – Rabbi Laura Geller

Wise retirement planning transcends your 401k. The transition to retirement is one of the most significant experiences you’ll encounter in your lifetime. And it’s increasingly being recognized as a new and distinct phase of life. One that’s rich with possibilities for personal development, spiritual growth, learning and wisdom. While people retire at different ages, what we all have in common is that we are all growing older. And it turns out that aging well takes a new skill set. In this episode of our retirement podcast, our guest is Rabbi Laura Geller, Rabbi Emerita of Temple Emanuel in Beverly Hills, […]