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Retire at 50? If you’re fortunate, you’ll reach a point where work is no longer driven by financial necessity. Then what?

In this episode of our retirement podcast, we’re joined by Stan Corey, author of When Work Becomes Optional. Stan offers his perspective on building emotional wealth, why retirement is not a single phase and what non-financial traps to avoid. A recent retiree, Stan shares his personal experiences transitioning to retirement.

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Wise Quote:

“I think that the transition is probably more impacted by what your work has been, your profession. As I said, I think the transitioning seems to be more difficult for the higher income earners. I have other people who just can’t let go of that. And know a gentleman who’s in his late seventies and the president of the company. Basically I asked him about retirement. He says ‘that’s not a word that I think of. ‘He says ‘I’ll stop working when the board of directors thinks I’m no longer of value.’ And I felt bad for him. That’s putting your value based upon your position and it’s hard.

So a lot of times I think that people who are more modest in their working careers, I think they have a little easier time with that transition. But after that, it’s pretty much very similar, because it’s all based on activities, your health, a lot of other factors that will impact the other four stages (of retirement).”


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Stan Corey retired from his financial planning firm in 2018 after almost 40 years of providing independent financial advice to individuals and closely held businesses. He has been a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional (CFP®), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®), and Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA). Mr. Corey has completed the Harvard Negotiation Institute Negotiation Workshop at Harvard Law. He has served as past President of NVMS in Fairfax, VA and co-wrote and taught a course for Mediator certification, “Economic Issues in Divorce” and has served on many local community service organization’s BODs.

He plans to continue consulting in family law matters working as the financial advocate for the less well informed; continue working with several multi-generational clients as a family financial adviser and assisting in estate settlements, continue writing and speaking to professional organizations on a variety of financial topics.

He published a book in January 2016, “The Divorce Dance”, a novel about a couple going through divorce where the women teaches the reader about the financial, emotional and legal issues involved as she researches her options. It became a Best Seller on Amazon. His second book, “When Work Becomes Optional”, was released in July 2018 and is receiving wide acclaim for his ability to present many topics facing all retirees as they move through their retirement stages and breaking down complex issues to be more understandable.

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