I ‘m Ready to Upgrade My Retirement - Maureen 

   “There’s a big difference between a busy retirement and an active, satisfying retirement.”

At 63, Maureen is a dynamo. Even in retirement, her schedule would make the busiest person get tired just hearing about it. She is a real ‘go to’ person. When she was 59, Maureen’s company offered an early retirement package and she hit the bid. They did not have to ask her twice. She saw it as a gift at just the right time. Maureen jumped into her new life and loved retirement right from the start. But there was something missing.

“Retirement has been good. But my roles in life were shifting. I always described myself by what I did – I was a mother, I was a lawyer, I was the Chairperson of Committee X and Y. When I took early retirement, everything changed. As those roles went away, I became busy with lots of things, I’m not sure that they really added up to very much. The best way I can describe it is I was busy, but felt a little hollow.”

Maureen found a coach, who specialized in retirement. She discovered that she had filled the void from work and parenting with activities, but not necessarily meaning.

Working with my coach helped me shift my thinking. I’d reached a fork in the road, where I needed to discover what my new purpose was – my roles always gave me that. The journey for me started when I realized that. It probably sounds funny, but I lost my identity after retiring.” 

For Maureen, her journey began with taking a step back and thinking through what was most important to her. She concluded that, for her, it was less about what she did, but more about what impact it had on others. Fast forward to today, and you can find Maureen at the helm of a community not-for-profit. “It didn’t happen overnight, but as I started to dial up my involvement in things that mattered most and dramatically scaled back others. I have a real commitment to the work of this organization, and after volunteering for a while, they asked me to serve on the board, and things developed from there. I’m less busy – and I couldn’t be happier.”