We’re Retiring Together 

Tiffany and Eric are in their early 60’s and have been very focused on the financial side of retirement but have just recently started to think about their alignment with regards to retirement “life”.   As we many couples, their conversations were around where to live, hobbies and activities. 

Both Tiffany and Eric came at retirement from slightly different angles.  Tiffany has worked part time for many years and wants to continue doing so, while Eric spent over 35 years at a full time job and is ready for a change.   He was not sure if work was in his future. 

Tiffany has many local friends and activities and wants to include Eric in these activities.   As a direct result of that, Tiffany is very comfortable with keeping their current home but doing more travel.  Simply, she has been able to identify how she wants to spend her life in the early years of retirement with regards to activities, work and relationships.  On the other hand, Eric has not been able to sort that all through – having been focused totally on work for many years.

Together they are looking at the common areas that are most important to them as a couple, to seek not only common ground, but to appreciate what is important to each other as they enter the next stage of their retirement.  They also examined areas where they can help others – fulfilling a greater good while spending some great time together.    While retirement life is a journey of discovery and trying new things, Tiffany and Eric are having the important conversation and investing time in this next part of their lives.

“Spending time understanding our individual needs coupled with a common purpose to drive towards in retirement takes work and open conversation but it helped strengthen our bond.”