We want to Sync Up Our Retirment

Sam and Amanda planned their work career perfectly.  Both executives, when Sam was 50 he took an early retirement package from his company to raise his children while Amanda continued to work.   Sam was 6 years older than Amanda and she was on a growth path with her company.

Today Sam is 65 and Amanda is closing in on 60, and thinking about retirement.  She is looking forward to a series of activities to include both Sam and her children.  However, Sam had a 15-year head start and has already established routines and activities for himself.   Amanda shares some of Sam’s hobbies but isn’t sure how they will spend their time in retirement together since her spouse may not want to change what he does today.  Amanda viewed that as an important part of her retirement, and wasn’t sure if she was aligned with her spouse.

“We want to better align our time together, while respecting our individual needs.”

One of the exercises they did together was to understand what leisure in retirement meant to each individually.  Then comparing their differences, they decided that they needed to make some decisions to help them appreciate their solitary time but also to maximize their joint time.  The created a list of activities that they could appreciate together.  They were ready to take action and sync up their retirement…!