Happiness in retirement takes planning. It's a good idea to take your retirement plans for a test-drive

Test-Drive Your Retirement – Kiplinger

Everyone wants a happiness in retirement. But sometimes when you plan to retire, your visions don’t fully match up with the realities of retirement life. And there’s value in testing them so you can make adjustments ahead of time. There’s a lot of wisdom in the maxim Try Before You Buy. What about retirement though?  Two of the most valuable assets in retirement and money and time. Happiness retirement is about more than financial security. But sometimes people who are very careful with their financial resources are surprisingly less thoughtful about their time. Some people will invest hours in researching […]
Listening to podcast on headphones while working out

These Inspiring Podcasts Will Help You Thrive in 2020 -Thrive Global

The podcasts most popular with people looking for smart well-being tips in 2020? The Retirement Wisdom Podcast is included in this list by Thrive Global of 24 inspiring podcasts recommended for 2020: If you’re planning for retirement or pursuing early retirement, The Retirement Wisdom Podcast will give you a leg up on the the non-financial side of life in retirement. We interview authors, thought leaders and people living interesting lives in retirement – or early retirement. If you’ve done your homework to be financially prepared for retirement, now get up to speed on what you’ll need to know to thrive […]

Want to Help Someone Retire Well? Consider the Gift of a ‘Retirement Coach’ – MarketWatch

Retirement Wisdom’s Joe Casey is quoted as the importance of transitioning well into retirement has led to retirement coaching as a retirement gift to people they care about as they approach retirement. Planning for retirement is about much more than money today. A well-trained retirement coach can help people thoughtfully design their new “post-career” life. Finding a new purpose, structuring time, cultivating new interests, while maintaining and creating strong social relationships are all ingredients in a satisfying retirement. An experienced coach can help unlock the unique recipe that’s right for the person at this stage of life. And that can […]
Baby Boomers often plan to work past retirement age

Older Workers Have a Big Secret: Their Age – The Wall Street Journal

Retirement Wisdom’s Joe Casey is quoted in this Wall Street Journal article by Carol Hymowitz. The desire to work longer is colliding with ageism in the workplace. The piece looks at how many older workers choose to handle disclosing their age in the workplace and considerations in their thought process. Older Workers Have a Big Secret: Their Age by Carol Hymowitz https://www.wsj.com/articles/older-workers-have-a-big-secret-their-age-11574046301  
Listening to retirement podcasts

Listening to These Podcasts Might Push You to Save for Retirement – MarketWatch

What podcasts should I listen to? As podcasts become more popular, this question comes up more and more. And what if you’re planning for retirement or striving to retire early? Or pondering when to retire? The Retirement Wisdom Podcast and Managing Partner Joe Casey are highlighted in this article on how the best retirement podcasts are helping people retire smarter.   Listening to these podcasts might push you to save for retirement – Market Watch (by Alessandra Malito)   Subscribe to the Retirement Wisdom podcast We interview authors, thought leaders, experts and people creating interesting lives in retirement – and […]
Career Transition, Purpose at Work

Graduates who flock to Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and big law in search of prestige might be in for a harsh wake-up call only a few years later – Business Insider

Retirement Wisdom’s Joe Casey comments about what people are more interested in when changing jobs later in their careers.      
Couple discussing preparation for a phased retirement

Is Phased Retirement a Good Fit for You? – US News & World Report

Retirement Wisdom’s Joe Casey comments on what one can do if considering a phased retirement. Is Phased Retirement a Good Fit for You? -US News & World Report (by Rachel Hartman)    

Retirement Wisdom on how to retire early & build a second career

Retirement is a hot topic. While most coverage focuses on planning to retire financially, there’s a growing interest in how people are planning for their lives in retirement – and how they are planning to invest their time. It’s no longer enough to hit the right number in your 401k – you have to become a retirement expert on how to retire well. Retirement Wisdom is asked from time to time for our observations on how retirement is being reinvented. We’re often asked what people can do to prepare to thrive in retirement, and what the best second careers are for people who are retiring, but not done yet.

At Retirement Wisdom, we’re on a mission to help people retire smarter, create meaningful second careers, and purpose-driven lives in retirement. We believe that the second half of life offers rich opportunities for personal growth, reinvention, and contribution. But it requires reflection and sound planning to overcome the significant changes, transitions, and challenges that are inherent in the life course.

Journalists are also interested in speaking with some of our clients to glean their perspectives on the new retirement today, what it’s like to work with a retirement coach, and for their ideas for second careers and creating “portfolio lives”.

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