Picture Your First Day in Retirement

Remember your first day at your first job? Remember Orientation? (Ok, we’ll give you a minute.) Call up that picture of you at that moment. Remember the excitement about the future you felt? The sense of possibility? The fear and uncertainty?

The first day of retirement is like that too. Excitement. Possibility. Uncertainty.

A lot went into preparing you to get to that first day of your first job. And preparing for your life in retirement will help you make a smoother transition.

A lot has changed since that first day at your new job. The World. Business. Technology. The concept of a Career has changed dramatically. The idea of Retirement is radically different.

And You have changed a lot, too.

Now picture yourself on your first day of retirement. It’s the next phase of your life. Your hopes and dreams. Your concerns. But there’s no Orientation this time. You’re on your own.

Retirement today doesn’t come with a template or a guide. Each one is different – but that means it’s wise to invest some time in designing your life in retirement.

Why Retirement Coaching?

Without Orientation, it’s easy to drift. One study found that retirees spend. 2.5 years on average before deciding what they want to do next. That’s where a retirement coach can be helpful. We work with you to help you clarify your vision of your future, explore options through a series of pilots and experiments and replace the benefits you received from work beyond your paycheck. If you’ve ever worked out with a personal trainer, you know how he or she can get you where you want to go more quickly. That’s what we help you do with your life in retirement.

Why Retirement Wisdom? 

Retirement Wisdom offers a variety of trained retirement coaches with different backgrounds for you to choose from.  All of our coaches have experience with career and life transitions and for many of us, this is our second act career.

We offer different approaches and ways to engage with us from one - on - one coaching, group coaching programs and workshops for companies.