I Could Use a Retirement Check up

Mark is a 66 year old who started thinking about retirement a few years ago but took a deliberate approach to sorting out how he wanted to remain active once he left full time work.  He was not looking to fully retire but rather continue to work, albeit with less hours, but it had to be something he liked.

Mark took a retirement readiness assessment and discovered a few things about his retirement mindset related to both his family and his work.  He saw the importance of being adaptable and how he needed to balance the aspect of being in control as he continued into retirement.  His assessment of what was important to him helped sharpen his focus on what the most important elements of a retirement job looked like.  Fortunately for him, he was then able to take steps to morph his current job responsibilities into areas that best suited his expectations. 

Mark also discovered that some things he was worried about – he really didn’t have to focus on.  Rather, this process helped him put the most important aspect of retirement transition into a “box” in terms of priorities and actions he could take.   His key takeaways were: “Focus, Focus, Focus”. 

As a side benefit – “I thought the process was so valuable that I have incorporated it into my job to help others improve their work.  I can see the value of having a ‘thinking partner’ and taking ownership of one’s own actions.”