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Thoughts on how retirement is being redefined by notable retirement bloggers.

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The Retirement Manifesto

An entertaining blog filled with practical tips by Fritz Gilbert who shares his journey in early retirement. The Retirement Manifesto focuses on practical Financial Independence and Retirement Planning issues for folks within ten years of retirement. Listen to our conversation with Fritz Gilbert here.

Booming Encore

Booming Encore, a highly engaging blog by Susan Williams, offers information and inspiration to help Baby Boomers create and live their very best encore.

Kathy’s Retirement Blog

A very insightful blog by Kathy Merino, a retiree in South Carolina, on the emotional side of retirement. Based on her own journey, Kathy offers her reflections and advice on transitioning to and enjoying life in retirement.

Retirement  Only the Beginning

An excellent blog by Dave Bernard, a Californian, who retired after a 30-year career in Silicon Valley. Dave shares his observations, thoughts and wise recommendations on retirement. 

Satisfying Retirement

A thoughtprovoking blog by Bob Lowry, a retired DJ, producer and consultant to radio stations, living in Arizona. Bob chronicles his retirement journey and offers his lessons learned on retirement and life, since retiring early in 2001. Listen to our discussion with Bob Lowry here.


Smart Living 365

Kathy Gottberg is an author with six published books and hundreds of articles covering dozens of topics in the last 30 years. Along with her books, her passion today is SMART Living 365 where she explores ideas and experiences that help to create a meaningful, sustainable, compassionate and rewarding life for herself and others. Beyond that, she lives with Thom, her best friend and soul mate of 40 years, along with their dog Kloe in La Quinta, CA


Sightings After Sixty

Tom Sightings is the author of the book “You Only Retire Once” and produces a great blog Sightings Over Sixty, which covers health, finance, retirement and other concerns of baby boomers. Tom spent over 30 years as a writer and editor at HarperCollins, Time Inc. and Reader’s Digest and writes a column for US News & World Report on retirement and the key issues on the minds of baby boomers.


Retire Hoppy & FIREwalkers Podcast

Ted Carr retired early from a career in the early days of Silicon Valley. He offers interesting and useful insights on retirement life. He and his wife have recently launched a new early retirement podcast FIREwalkers. If you think you’ve missed the FIRE movement and it’s too late for you, listen to this podcast.

Listen to our conversation with Ted here.


Physician on FIRE

Leif Dahleen is a former anesthesiologist, who retired from medicine at the age of 43, having achieved financial independence several years earlier. He started his blog Physician on FIRE in January 2016 to enlighten, educate, and entertain other high-income professionals while discussing money matters of all sorts. You’ll learn a lot financially and non-financially from this excellent early retirement blog – whether you’re a doctor or not. Keep an eye out for his The Sunday Best recap on Twitter @PhysicianOnFIRE


Listen to The Retirement Wisdom Podcast with ideas on how to retire smarter.


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