I Want to Retire Early - Matt

“I worked hard to nail the numbers. Now, I want to make the most of my time.”

Matt’s always been a planner. He started maxing out his 401k right away, set up IRAs and made sure he was living below his means to save enough to retire early. While it wasn’t easy, he was able to achieve his goal. He’s thrilled to have the freedom now to do more of what he wants and when he wants.

The freedom was liberating, but soon the challenge became defining what to do next. Matt was too young to completely “retire.” He had a lot of ideas about what to do next, but they were vague. It was the first time he could remember that he lacked clear direction.

While Matt didn’t know what he really wanted to do, other people had ideas for him. Once people found out he’d retired early, he started to get a lot of requests to get involved in different things. He’d seen a co-worker become just as busy as he had been with work and Matt was wary of becoming over committed. 

Taking the retirement readiness assessment helped Matt clarify his priorities.

“I’m used to analyzing data, assessing options and deciding on a plan of action. This tool helped me take something that was unclear and uncertain for me and made it concrete and practical. It also helped me to say No to other things.” 

Today, Matt is involved in a portfolio of activities, But, he’s kept his freedom.

I love the mix of things I’m involved in now. My family is number one and I have a great workout routine I’ve been able to stick with for the first time ever. I do consulting about 20 hours a week. The biggest surprise is that I’m in culinary school now. Not as a career move, just out of interest. And I’m in a play this summer in our community theater. It’s a stretch, since it involves some singing. My family gets quite kick out of that.”