I Need to Retire Earlier Than Planned - Michelle                                  

“I realized that it was time to focus on me.”

Michelle’s always on top of her game. As a working mother with a successful career, she did whatever it took to balance work and parenting. She did all the right things in saving and investing for her children’s college education and her retirement. According to Marcie, her financial planner, she was “on track” to retire in seven years at 65.  

But now, everything changed. The company she worked for was sold, and at age 58, after a 23-year stint at the company, Michelle was out. She had severance, but career-wise, it was a shock. Michelle put feelers out with her contacts. There was encouragement, but few leads. After taking the summer off, Michelle resumed her search with renewed energy. Networking generated conversations that led to promising interviews. Yet, Michelle had zero offers.  She was stunned –and discouraged. 

After 18 months, Michelle sought out a coach.

“I’ve always been a high achiever. My coach helped me make sense of what I was experiencing and redefine what I wanted to do. I concluded that the reality was that I needed to pivot and reinvent myself.” 

Today, Michelle runs her own business – and she relocated to where she always wanted to retire to. She’s selective about how much work she takes on and stays mindful about her balance. The big shift for Michelle was her insight that her top priority - at home and at work - was always taking care of everyone else. Now, she prioritizes time for her in this part of her life.

Now, I’m where I want to be. I made a big decision to move to be close to my grown children. My days often include work - but they’re not all about work. More often than not, my day starts with yoga or a spin class, or maybe just a walk. And I’ve made new friends here. It was scary at first, but it was the best thing that’s happened to me. I have the right mix for me.”