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Why Are People Unretiring?
August 3, 2018
Is Your Company Fully Ready for the Aging Workforce?
August 8, 2018

Is Your Company Fully Ready for the Aging Workforce? – Paul Rupert

In this conversation, Joe talks with Paul Rupert, CEO of Respectful Exits about trends in the workplace for seasoned workers. Paul offers his views on what smart companies can do to attract and retain talented older workers, shares his advice on how individuals can approach negotiating flexible work options and the story behind his new advocacy organization.

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Respectful Exits: The Voice of Aging Workers

Why I Launched Respectful Exits by Paul Rupert

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GAO Report to the Special Committee on Aging, U.S. Senate:

Older Workers – Phased Retirement Programs, Although Uncommon, Provide Flexibility for Workers and Employers


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This week’s selection is The Big Changes Ahead for Boomer Workers

by Richard Eisenberg – Next Avenue



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  1. Hope White says:

    Interesting podcast. I agree that companies and older employees must identify and articulate the inherent accumulated value contained within this demographic.

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