I’m in the Homestretch - Mike 

“I didn’t really know how to do retirement.”

Mike was wrapping up a successful career in IT and he vividly remembers the year before he retired. He was like a sixth grader before school let out for the summer. He was literally counting down the days, and could barely hide his giddiness.

Mike had big plans for retirement. He wanted to travel, do more things with his family, take up windsurfing, snorkeling and learn 3 new languages – and that was just in the first summer. Mike had a blast in his first year or so of retirement. It was great to finally have time to just have fun. But he felt different after his second year. Much to his surprise, he became a little bored with fun – and he missed work.

Taking the retirement assessment provided insight.

The assessment was a turning point for me. It helped me understand what I specifically missed about work – the things it provided me besides a paycheck.” 

Mike was able to figure out how to get those benefits - in a different way.

“There was no way I was going back to the grind. It helped me see how I could allocate my time differently. I’m involved in a few things now that I’m passionate about and I have that sense of contributing that I missed. And I still have the flexibility to do other fun things I like. Now I have balance.” 

Today, Mike’s involved at his local high school as a part-timer working with teachers on how to leverage technology in the classroom. The word spread and he’s in demand. He spends a few days a month consulting with other school districts across the state on how they can expand their use of technology in learning.

“My big lesson to pass on is don’t wait. I wish I used the year before I retired to plan better. I drifted at first. I knew what I wanted to get away from, but things changed when I figured out what I really wanted to retire to.”