I Could Use a Retirement Check-up

How's It Really Going?

Retirement is like life itself- it's full of surprises. You may find yourself thinking "I wish I knew then what I know now"

Our Retirement Checkup offers an opportunity to take stock of how it’s going compared to what you expected. We’ll help you take a panoramic view across multiple areas of your life, validate what’s going well - and zero in on the key areas where you may want to make some changes.

All it takes is 20 to 30 minutes to complete an online assessment, the Retirement Success Profile™*,
and a 90-minute session with a certified coach to discuss your results and get a clear picture of the health of your retirement.

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I'm Ready to Upgrade My Retirement

Are You Flying Coach?

We often hear people anticipating retirement exclaim” Every day will be Saturday!” After awhile
in retirement, you realize that 7 Saturdays each week isn’t quite as great as it sounds.

You worked hard for many years to ensure that you could have the financial confidence to enjoy a secure retirement. But you have this nagging sense that there’s got to be more – retirement could be different. It could be better.

One day it dawns on you that while your retirement investment portfolio is first class, in your retirement life you’re flying coach - in the middle seat. You know that there’s more to what your life in retirement could be, and should be. It’s time to Upgrade.

Everyone’s life is unique and what’s right for you in retirement is unique as well. In our Upgrade My Retirement program, you’ll work one-on-one with the coach of your choice to assess where you are, define what more is for you, and help you craft a roadmap for your personalized Retirement 2.0.


We're Ready to Sync Our Retirement (for couples)

Are We On The Same Page?

Often couples transition into the retirement phase of their lives at different times. Sometimes they discover that their priorities are more different than they thought. One wants to kick back and relax for awhile without any obligations while the other wants to travel.

If one partner retires earlier than the other, they’ve probably established their own routines and cadence of life that now has another person in that mix. As the saying goes ”I married you forever, but not for lunch every day.”

With our Synch Up My Retirement program, using the Retirement Success Profile™*, you’ll work with our coaches to assess individually, and as a couple, where your priorities and expectations are aligned and which may need discussion.

*© Career Partners International, Inc (2001-2017)