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Your Greatest Retirement Asset Could Be Your Attitude

By Bev Bachel Just eight weeks before Maery Rose retired from her 30-year career as a business-process analyst, she went curling as part of a company teambuilding event. The result was a broken shoulder and torn rotator cuff.   While such injuries would be upsetting to anyone at any time, they were devastating to Rose, who planned to spend the first six months of retirement traveling, biking and gardening, activities that were now off limits while her body healed.   When life gives you lemons, make miso soup Retirement is a time of big changes, ones we all hope will […]
Knowing key retirement facts can help your retirement planning and retirement happiness

Retirement Facts You Need to Know

Retirement planning is more multi-dimensional than some people think. Creating a strong financial foundation is critical. But once you’ve achieved financial independence, other non-financial factors come into the picture. It becomes less about how you’re going to invest your money and more about how you plan to invest your time.   Retirement Happiness is Multi-Dimensional What will create retirement happiness for you and how will you create that? While it’s different for everyone, it will probably come from  a  number of things. Family. Wellness and fitness. An engagement in meaningful activities. Giving back. Lifelong learning. A new sense of purpose. […]
Retire smarter. Envsion your life in retirement. Plan beyond your 401k.

What Age to Retire At? Look Beyond the Money

By Retirement Wisdom Deciding what age to retire at goes beyond your financial planning. To retire smarter, it’s wise to evaluate non-financial factors, such as longevity, part-time work, social connectivity and purpose. Retirement today is often much longer period of time than it used to be. So, you’ll want to factor in how you envision making the most of that time. When you consider what specific age to retire at in your particular case, certainly focus on financial security, but be sure to develop a vision of what your life in retirement will be like.   Here are some data points […]

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