Frequently Asked Questions – Group Retirement Coaching Program

  1. What does your Group Coaching Program cover?

You have the answer to the question Can I retire? You’ve worked hard to be able to retire financially.But do you know if you’re well-prepared for the transition to retirement or early retirement?

Our group program begins with an online confidential assessment - The Life Options Profile™.*The assessment gives you a read on how well you are prepared for the key non-financial elements associated with a satisfying retirement in life arenas like Family & Relationships, Career & Work, Wellness, Leisure & Social and Personal Growth & Development. Each weekly session will focus on a separate life arena, and include interactive exercises, facilitated group discussion and ideas for action steps you can apply.

  1. How long does it take?

The program consists of five 90-minute live virtual sessions facilitated by a Certified Retirement Coach. Sessions will be recorded, so if you need to miss one, you can catch up at your convenience. 

  1. How does it differ from One-on-One Retirement Coaching?

While one-on-one coaching far greater individual attention and focus on your needs, some people prefer the opportunity to learn an interactive group setting. It also offers a cost-effective way to get started in planning for your transition to life in retirement.

4. How often is it offered?

Twice a year.

5. Is it confidential?

Yes. Confidentiality is a key ground rule that has to be agreed to by all participants, including your coach, and is stipulated in our Client Agreement.

6.  How do I sign up?

Email [email protected]if you’re interested in joining our next group or register online by clicking on Register.


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