Frequently Asked Questions – Work One on One with a Designing Your Life Certified Coach

  1. What’s the benefit to working one-on-one versus joining a team?

The primary benefits are the ability to work at your own pace; greater focus on your priorities; and the ability to go more in-depth in the areas you choose to.

  1. What do people use a Designing Your Life Certified Coach for?

People from a variety of backgrounds at different stages of life work with a Designing Your Life Certified coach to map out and explore alternative visions of what’s next for them over the next three to five years. Clients range from pre-retirees looking to design their next chapters to mid-career professionals who are exploring a career pivot to people who are early in their career and want to get on a path that’s right for them.  All find the approach, tools and exercises to be highly useful.

  1. Why does working with a coach help?

Working with a coach provides you with a thinking partner - a confidential sounding board to help you think through your goals, plans and prototypes. The right question at the right times can help you to generate additional insights and actions. A coach also provides an overall structure to help guide you through the exercises at pace that’s right for you. A number of clients have cited this as very valuable in helping them to stay on track and move forward. Coaching sessions help you dedicate the time and focus that’s needed to design what’s next for you.

  1. How often will I talk with my coach?

You choose the pace that’s right for you. Most people work with our coach twice a month, although some choose to meet weekly and a few monthly.

  1. How many sessions do people usually work with?

Most of our coach’s current clients work with him for six sessions, with the option to  add more if desired.

  1. How are coaching sessions held?

Virtually. Although our coach has worked with several clients in person (in Boston, New York, New  Jersey, Philadelphia  and Washington , DC).

  1. How do I learn more?

Schedule a free consultation,  email [email protected]or call Joe Casey at (609) 578-0504